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Welcome To the new concept of permanent coloring

Hidracolor is creating a new concept of permanent coloring.
This is the only pigment system based on micro-actives mixed with rice, oat, amaranth, aloe vera, wheat as well as honey extracts.
Hidracolor seeks excellence in hair coloring and through these technological advances we have created a product with the highest modens standards. Click here for more info.


Hidra Shampoos

The innovative Hidra Shampoos formula helps to give protein, volume and color, reinforcing hair filaments, more info.

Hidra Conditioners

The advanced formula nourishes and fortifies the hair restoring natural shine and softness, more info.

Hidra Style & Finishing
style & finishing

The new age of styling! Maximum hold to design and create the most innovative hair styles, more info.

Hidra Treatments

Revitalizes damaged hair, repairs split ends providing silkiness, softness and an incredible shine, more info.

Hidra Coloration

Thanks to its protein compounds, contributes to a total covering, maximum lasting, excellent yield... more info.

Hidra Bleaching

It is an effective bleaching system that protects the hair during the process without causing damage, more info.

Hidra Activators

Thanks to its advanced formula, allow to perform a bright coloration with a luminous clarifying os hair, more info.

Hidracolor Product Catalog
Product Catalog

Click here to open the complete catalogue of Hidracolor products, open file.

Hidracolor Gama Catalog
Color Chart

Click here to open the complete Color Chart of Hidracolor Coloration, open file.