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Hidra Shampoos

OIL ESSENCIALS MASK is a treatment to revitalize your hair in 5 minutes. It has been crafted to reconstruct and hydrate dry ad chemically damaged hair. It is ideal for people looking for SPA experience on their hair and scalp. OIL ESSENCIALS SHAMPOO is enriched with exclusive ingredient OIL ESSENCIALS BY HIDRA, "a rich combination of essential oils and omegas: NEEM, PRACAXI & CHIA, specifically developed to hydrate and fortify your hair, giving a healthy glossy look".

CONT. NET. 230 ml. 8,11 fl. oz.
Hidra Shampoos

This is a reinforcing and anti-hair loss vial, the regular use of which helps to prevent hair loss and increase hair resistance thus leaving it silky and manageable. It helps to delay the ageing process of the hair follicle, with an antioxidant action, and regulates hair sebum and prevents dryness of the scalp. It helps to reinforce weak and brittle hair. Anti-Androgen Properties: It helps to inhibit five-alpha-reductase enzyme and/or androgen receptors of the dermal papilla. Stimulanting: It increases the length of the Anagen stage.

CONT. NET. 12 ml. .40 fl. oz.
Hidra Shampoos

Hidra Regenerex is a state-of-the-art vial acting from within the capillary fiber; it conditions your hair intensely and helps it to recover its natural moisture; it returns its vitality, strength and resistance. Hidra Regenerex acts by repairing split ends and leaving your hair, smooth and silky with body and shine. Its fine formula provides hair restoration from root to end. It is ideal for mistreated and chemically processed hair.

CONT. NET. 12 ml. .40 fl. oz.
Hidra Shampoos

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, it is found in all of the connective tissue like hair, skin, bones, nails, and ligaments. It is also the structural base of all of our internal organs.

Hidra Hidro Active
Hidro Active
Daily use hydrating treatment

HIDRO ACTIVE daily treatment consists of two phases. It moisturizes your hair instantly while protein and moisturizing ingredients help keep the pH balance of your hair and scalp. HIDRO ACTIVE softens and untangles your hair adding shine and manageability.
Its U.V. filter protects your hair against sun and external damage allowing your hair color to last longer.

CONT. NET. 300 ml. e 10.1 fl. oz.
Hidra Shampoos
Hidra Repair
Conditioning and repair treatment

HIDRA REPAIR is a conditioning treatment cream recommended for any type of hair, especially for dry, mistreated and dehydrated hair due to chemical processing.
HIDRA REPAIR works penetrating every strand of hair, conditioning and moisturizing the follicles bringing strength and shine back to the hair.

CONT. NET. 280 g. e 9,8 oz.
Hidra Shampoos
Hidra Intense Mask
Strengthening and Reconstructing Treatment

HIDRA INTENSE MASK is an intensive stregthening and reconstructing treatment, created for dry and severely mistreated hair. HIDRA INTENSE MASK reconditions while its advanced formula fully nourishes your hair while fully conditioning by adding maximum moisture and stregth to your hair.
Its U.V. filter protects your hair against sun damage and the harmful external effects.

CONT. NET. 280 g. e 9,8 oz.