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Hidra Shampoos

Has been formulated to strengthen and hydrate dry and chemically damaged hair. It is ideal for people looking for SPA experience on their hair and scalp. OIL ESSENCIALS SHAMPOO is enriched with exclusive ingredient: OIL ESSENCIALS BY HIDRA, "a rich combination of essential oils and omegas: NEEM, PRACAXI & CHIA, specifically developed to hydrate and fortify your hair, giving a healthy glossy look"

CONT. NET. 300 ml. 10,1 fl. oz.
Hidra Shampoos
Hidra Protein Shampoo
Daily use nourishing shampoo for damaged hair

HIDRA PROTEIN SHAMPOO for daily use intensely hydrates and restores damaged hair due to chemical processing or over drying to leave a noticeably softer, smoother and healthier look.
HIDRA PROTEIN SHAMPOO reinforces hair fibers adding shine and silkiness while conditioning and humidifying your hair.

CONT. NET. 300 ml. e 10,1 fl. oz.
Hidra Shampoos
Hidra Color Shampoo
color sealer for tinted hair

Shampoo for dyed hair. Its components seal color allowing color to last longer while leaving hair shiny.
Its U.V. filters protect hair against sun rays and external damage, main causes of fading hair color.

CONT. NET. 300 ml. e 10,1 fl. oz.
Hidra Shampoos
Hidra Matiz Shampoo
Hair dye shampoo for blonde and grey hair

HIDRA MATIZ SHAMPOO for highlights and grey hair helps tint hair and revive hair preventing blonde bleached hair or natural blonde hair from turning green, brassy or dull, while bringing hair back to life.
Works on highlights and grey hair, neutralizing the unpleasant yellowish hues.
Enriched with protein and botanical complexes, HIDRA HAIR MATIZ SHAMPOO works on highlights, nourishing and strengthening hair.

CONT. NET. 300 ml. e 10,1 fl. oz.
Hidra Shampoos
Hidra Kleaner Shampoo
Deep kleansing shampoo

Deep cleanshampoo formulated for cleaning and untangling hair. HIDRA KLEANER SHAMPOO helps remove cosmetic and mineral residues, as well as the excessive build up of grease an the scalp.
Use HIDRA KLEANER SHAMPOO before a perm and after chemical process.

CONT. NET. 300 ml. e 10,1 fl. oz.