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Hidra Shampoos
Hidra Keratin Conditioner
Nourishing Keratin Conditioner

Its formulated for untangling and care of dry mistreated hair. Ideal for chemically processed hair. HIDRA KERATIN CONDITIONER obtains results, through scientifically repaired mixtures with proteins and aminoacid complexes, restoring the structure of the hair.

CONT. NET. 300 ml. e 10,1 fl. oz.
Hidra Shampoos
Hidra Protein Conditioner
Nourishing Leave In Treatment

Practical use with no rinsing required. Created for dry, mistreated or chemically processed hair. Helps untangle hair bringing silkiness and shine all day long.
Due to its components, HIDRA PROTEIN CONDITIONER moisturizes your hair, bringing back an adequate hydration level.
Its formula creates a layer protecting your hair against environment and harmful agents.

CONT. NET. 300 ml. e 10,1 fl. oz.