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Hidracolor creates a new concept of permanent coloring.

The only pigment system based on micro-actives mixed with honey, wheat, amaranth, aloe vera, rice and oat extracts.

Certain seeds have always been considered outstanding for their attributes. These seeds have high concentrations of nutrients to the point that they can give life to a new plant. We have harvested and use these nutrients to protect hair during the coloring process.

Honey has antioxidant properties therefore we decided to include this ingredient not only to help intensify hair color but also to help keep the scalp hydrated and help protect hair color from free radicals which cause it to decompose.

Hidracolor seeks excellence in hair coloring and through these technological advances we have created a product that lives up to the highest modern standards.


Moisturizes and conditions hair.


Provides shine and softness to hair.


Revives hair color.

aloe vera

Strenghtens hair filaments.


Softens and moisturizes hair.


Gives strength, silkiness and shine.

Hidracolor cream coloring

HIDRACOLOR has been created to cover the needs of professionals.

Through its protein-based components Hidracolor provides a full gray-hair cover-up, excellent hydration, silky hair finish, conditions hair and also impeccable brightness.
Our products respect the natural Hair Structure and protect it against any damaging agents in the environment. Hidracolor has a wide variety of hair care and hair style products with the best natural ingredients, thus creating a spectrum of professional grade products.

Hidracolor is the best all-round hair beauty and care product line that through its active ingredients specially formulated provide a nurturing and gentle hair treatment.